This is made up of the following aspects:

Reading: This is about how children start to recognise words, signs and symbols around them such as shop signs, road signs and their own name.

This is about how children develop a love of books, both fiction and non fiction, an understanding of characters and the language of stories, how books can
answer questions and, thorough the teaching of phonics, how the sounds that letters make can be put together to make words that can be read.

Writing: This is about how children start to experiment with making marks that mean something to them and that they can talk about.

It is about children beginning to experiment with shapes that look like letters, moving to letters that are personal to them.

It is about children ‘writing’ for real reasons in their play; a shopping list, a story, a card, an invitation, a sign.

It is about children beginning to recognise letters and to match them to the sounds so that they can ‘sound out’ words that they want to write.


Download the EYFS Areas of Learning document in Acrobat PDF format


Download the EYFS Areas of Learning document in Word DOC format

Our website will provide you with introductory information about our aims and values. They will explain how we work and how the children will learn during their time with us.

Additional information will be displayed in school, published on this website or sent home in Newsletters. At all times, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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